Temperature Controlled Units


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Store heat-sensitive items safely and securely

Kangaroo Storage has recently installed a new, highly secure facility, with temperature-controlled compartments.

Climate controlled storage is suitable for the following

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Wine
  • Paintings
  • Antique books
  • Other heat-sensitive stock

Temperature range

These compartments provide a consistent temperature range of 16° – 18°.

Three sizes of temperature controlled units

Our temperature-controlled compartments come in three sizes:

  • 860 x 950 x 800
  • 860 x 1100 x 800
  • 860x 1200 x 800
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Wine storage

Whether you’re storing a large collection of fine wine, or storing a small few, we’re serious about keeping your wine in the ideal climate.

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Why Choose Us?

Kangaroo Storage has a wide range of sizes to store your goods, all in a secure and state of the art complex.